Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Observations

As you know, I ponder about many things. Another thing I do is observe the behaviour of my fellow members of the human race. Their ways somethimes confuse me so. I can sometimes find myself staring at other people as they go about their days (not creepy at all...) and then I ponder, "Why do they do that?" and "Why don't they do this?" and whatnot. I find it odd and slightly facinating how people are so very different and how they act. I feel like I'm David Attenborough observing animals in a documentary. If I really was David observing these strange creatures, this might be how it would go...

Well, here we are, in the distant lands of North Queensland, this is one area where we will be sure to find the common Homosapian. But is in this small, isolated town where we will find a wide range of types of the Homosapian. We see here a group of young females that the members of thier comunity have labbeled 'The sluts'. It seems that this particular group tend to mate with as many other Homosapians as possible, not for the purpose of reproduction, merly for the purpose of their own pleasure. This group isnt quite well recieved by the other groups. They also sometimes have a tendancy to present themselves in a rather promiscuous  way, this can involve, short skirts, tight and revealing tops and mabey even high heels that make them stand taller than a giraffe. Perhaps they like to be taller than the other members of thier comunity to show off their supposed superiourity? They do this to attract other members, preferably of their own type. They greet eachother by casualy strutting towards one another and make strange highpitched sounds, the sound have been loosley translated into normal english by one of our specialists, a conversation between these strange animals may go a little something like this...
"Omg, hey bitch, what's up?" (Oh my goodness, hello my good friend, how are you and what have you been doing?)
"Hey bitch, not much aye, omg, guess what!" (Hello friend, I am ok, I have not been doing much, oh my goodness, I have interesting news to tell you!)
"Omg what?!" (Oh my goodness, what is your news?)
"I totally did it with Jeff last night!" (I had sexual intercourse with Jeffery last night.)
Figure 1: The group labeled 'Sluts'
"Omg, you whore! How was it?" (Oh my goodness, congratsulations! Was your experience pleasurable?)
"Oh, shit, it was awesome! He's so big!" (Oh, friend, it was vey pleasurable! He has a large genital organ)
"Omg, you bitch, jelous much!" (Oh my goodness, my friend, I envy you!)
"I know right! Ok, g2g, whore, cya." (Yes, I know you envy me! I must leave, see you later.)
"K, cya." (Okay, goodbye.)
[I have found this very odd, they are not my prefered group]

Figure 2: One labelled 'The feral'

Lets leave the sluts now and make our way over to the next group. This group is known as 'Ferals'. This group is, in a way, more wild that the other groups and seem to have a total disrespect for personal hygiene. You can usually find the adult ones lingering in places called 'pubs' where many gather to drink a strange liquid that makes them go a bit funny, much like parrots when they eat mangos. The young ones can be found roaming with no adult supervision or shoes. Usually in raggy cloathes and greasy unwashed hair. One would be cautious when approtching a Feral as they can sometimes be tempermental and their bodily odour can render one unconsious. Though it seems the scent does not affect their own kin. They seem to be either unaware or uncaring of their behaviour and apperence. The Feral is still undergoing research as much still confuses us.

Figure 3: A 'quiet one' being attacked by
another group member
We shall end this episode with a quick visit to the group that not many members of the community tend to notice. 'The quiet ones'. As their name suggests, they are a quiet bunch that like to keep to themselves sometimes, other times, they like to merge with other groups of various types. It seems that the quiet ones are just like any other group deep down but don't usually express themselves, it is still unsure why this is though there are many theories. They can mainly be a very kind group, though, some have gone to scilence because they may ahve been rejected by other members of another group. They have been seen to be a rather vunerable group that are easily bullied by other groups. The other groups see them as easy targets and think that if they can assert their dominence on a quiet one (as they are shy and are not prepared to defend themselves at most times), they will move higher up on the social ladder. Its a sad thing.  

Well, this is but a small sample of the different types of Homosapian that can be found in this area. In the next episode, we will observe many more weird and wonderful beings that make up this community. Till next time, goodnight.

Yeah, that's what it would be sort of like... :)