Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Rain, rain, everywhere.

Dear Mother Nature,

What is your problem? What did Queensland do to peeve you off so? We are getting a little fed up with all this rain you are dumbing on us and these cyclones you have been throwing at us. Seriously, cut it out please. At least give ti a rest for the weekend so I can go to Townsville shopping, and my sister would like to get to the airport so she can get home. I need my Jay-Jays, JB-HI-FI and GAME fix before I explode! Although, you can make a little flood tomorrow and Friday so I don't have to do my English oral, but then that's seriously it.

Mother Nature, you are a ho.
 But why pick on us? Why can't you send a category 5 cyclone Osama Bin Ladin's way? Aren't we good people? Who did you such wrong that you thought it was ok to make all of us suffer? I used to like you Mother Nature, now you're just a ho. Leave Queensland alone! This is your final warning missy!

Yours sincerely, Kayla. (on behalf of Queensland)

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